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More Guest Art

By Paul | January 10, 2015

Well that’s some nice praise from our dear friend Lulu (“Archie”).  And on the heels of that, here’s a fun Poncho drawing from her own hand!  This inspired by the new baby that recently arrived in my home.  I like how the baby has Chazz’s curly cue on the forehead.  Also, thanks to another long term Pooch fan, Nan Pratt, who told me this week I was “smarter than a tree full of owls”.  I’ve already used this as ammo while debating with my wife (results were mixed).

Cheers, all!

Guest Art

By Paul | December 14, 2014

My pal Adam dropped by today with his 6 year old daughter Isadora.  He’s been reading Pooch to her since before she was old enough to comprehend the brilliant wit and subtext that underline the drinking-from-the-toilet gags.  While here she drew this picture of Poncho enjoying Christmas.  When asked what was happening in the drawing, she said that Poncho is looking at a present under the tree that’s shaped like a car and is thinking that he’s getting a car for Christmas, but it’s actually a ladybug nightlight similar to the one Isadora owns that is shaped like a car.  Thinking he’s getting a car really captures the essence of Poncho’s character, so two thumbs up, Isadora!  Great looking Poncho drawing too (I’m gonna have to watch this kid, she’ll be after my job before I know it.)

Top 100 Comic Blogs

By Paul | October 25, 2014

Seems Pooch has somehow made this list complied by editor Ben Rivera at the New York Times.   How kind.

For the full list click here.



By Paul | October 10, 2014

Here’s a link to an interview I did for L’idea Magazine.

Check out a bunch of other great interviews the mag has done here.

More From Candice

By Paul | September 10, 2014

Turns out the post below was from Pooch-fectionado Candice Girouard.  Here’s a couple more from her growing collection.  Thanks, Candi!


The Pooch Cafe Times

By Paul | July 20, 2014

A fan forwarded to me this fan-made piece of Pooch hilarity.  I’m not sure who’s behind it, but it’s a blast!  Cheers, mysterious editor!


By Paul | June 11, 2014

Hey, guess what?  I’m writing a second comic strip!  It’s a comic based on the webgame “Poptropica” written by me and delightfully drawn by the aptly named Kory Merritt.  Here’s the write-up:

About Poptropica

The Poptropica comic strip follows the hilarious adventures of two mismatched boys, Oliver and Jorge, who unexpectedly find themselves in a strange world of endless islands, each inhabited by it’s own unique residents. Frankensteins, dinosaurs, balloon animals, penguin pirates, the boys come across anything and everything as they pop from island to island looking for a way to get back home.


Oliver is one of the popular kids, although that’s not as easy as you might think.  He feels the need to keep the fact that he’s smart hidden so as not to lose “cred”.  Also, females keep falling in love with him because of his “perfect hair”.  He’s good natured and always up for an adventure.

Jorge is sort of the opposite.  But even though he’s out of shape, easily rattled, and allergic to everything under the sun, he’s the self-proclaimed expert at whatever task they come across.  He also exclusively eats junk food, which is sort of a problem when you’re on tropical islands.

And here’s the first strip:

Check out more at the GoComics page here.  And if you like ‘em, be sure to leave some nice comments and add the strip to your GoComics page.

Cheers! — Paul

The Little Dickens

By Paul | May 7, 2014

From Ryan Ogilvie of Victoria, British Columbia:

“Poncho wanted to come to work with me, I was a little worried so I denied him.  When I arrived back at home I found him like this!  No doggie treats tonight, he may need something greasy in the morning.

He’d Have Gone After Cat Brains, But… Y’know…

By Paul | April 10, 2014

Poncho sighting!  This one’s a repeat appearance in the comic strip Peanizles by the excellently-tasted Don Mathias.  It’s part of a storyline he’s calling Drawn Of The Dead, in which the comics are bing infested and turned into zombies through tainted ink.

Check out Don’s full storyline here.

Cheers, Don!

If I Can Make It There…

By Paul | March 13, 2014

Breaking News: Poncho is back in NYC!  Pooch ran in the New York Daily News some years back, but was cut when they downsized the comics page (that old chestnut).  But with Gary Trudeau’s Doonsebury on hiatus, the NYDN has decided to bring Poncho back, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Strip replacements often provoke letter-writing, and for some reason disgruntlement seems to lend more energy to the pen than contentment.  So that’s why I ask any fans of Pooch that happen to enjoy Poncho’s return to the News to let the editors know about it.  Please only write in if you’re a New Yorker, but if you are and you dig on Poncho and the gang, if you could take the time send them a note saying how pleased you are to see him back in their pages, I will sit and raise a paw to you in gratitude.

Address:  The New York Daily News, 4 New York Plaza, New York, NY 10004


OoowwWWooooo!  (howl of thanks)!

Poncho Gets Prickly

By Paul | February 6, 2014

The cantankerous one makes an appearance is Scott Stanis’ Prickly City, pitching one of his go-to mission statements.

Hope he washed his mouth out after saying “meow”.  Thanks for the inclusion, Scott!  More Prickly City right this way.

Poncho Look-alike

By Paul | January 27, 2014

Today’s look-alike sent by Kim Clay!  Says Kim:

My niece sent me a photo of her new puppy that I’ve attached here for you.  He looks suspiciously like a certain dog I know. Hmmmm…..has Poncho been in New Jersey recently? She even named him Poncho, and he’s eating a dog treat that’s almost the same size as him. So many Poncho characteristics.

Poncho Appearance

By Paul | December 22, 2013

This is a little out of date, but an alert reader tipped me off to a rather feisty Poncho appearance on a Kickstarter campaign.  As you can see, he’s all steroided-up along with a host of other canine comic regulars.  Not sure what’s got ‘em so riled.  The Kickstarter campaign was by Jason Yungbluth and called Weapon Brown: The Funny Pages… Weaponized! It’s closed now but he seems to have obliterated his monetary target.  Congrats, Jason.

Innovative Cat-apult

By Paul | December 17, 2013

Today’s new take on a cat-catapult comes from Gabriel Cervantes of Appleton, WI.  A very cool, alternative way to get the job done.

Guest Poncho

By Paul | November 27, 2013

Today’s guest art by my old pal Dave C:

Happy Halloween!

By Paul | October 31, 2013

Steve Clark of Truro, Nova Scotia has carved another Poncho-lantern!  This year he’s carved a “Vampooch”, taken from the pages of Pooch Cafe book #1.  Spooky work, Steve!


By Paul | October 30, 2013

Did somebody say “Beef Stroganoff?”

Pooch Original

By Paul | October 13, 2013

Anyone like to own the original of this Larson-inspired Sunday?  Sale price: $90, including postage and personalized signature!  Send me an email if you like.  If not, you won’t hurt the strip’s feelings, it’s just ink and paper.

Poncho in North Carolina

By Paul | September 23, 2013

Margaret Easter (AKA Pet Lady) has sent some photos of Poncho chilling on Cascade Lade in Brevard near Psigah Forest.  Sayeth the Pet Lady:

“We all had a great time. My favorite pic is Poncho canoeing. I also attached a pic of him and his traveling companion, Tessa. She’s his “opposite look-alike”. She not he, black with white, not white with black but otherwise they are so alike. Sometimes I think you base the strip on her antics. She would juggle squirrels if she could just catch one!”

Poncho Graffiti!

By Paul | September 19, 2013

I met wall-artist Misaki C. Kido a couple of years back at TCAF, and she’s since become a fan of Pooch Cafe.  And when Misaki is a fan of something, she expresses it on walls.  And she does so AWESOMELY.  Walls have never looked so good.

For more of her colourful wall transformations, check out her deviantart page here.

Thanks, Misaki!  I’m thoroughly tickled!

Pooch Café hits 5000th Strip!

By Paul | September 10, 2013

Holy snap.  I can feel the bones in my drawing hand creaking.  I had to do the calculation three times.  I had to use an abacus, because apparently those were all the rage around the time I started drawing this strip, which debuted on Jan 3, 2000, (“The first strip of the new millennium”, I coined it). It coincided relatively closely with Charles Schulz’s announcement that he was retiring Peanuts, and I was quickly misquoted in a newspaper interview as calling Poncho “the new Snoopy.”  My first reporter twisting of words!  I had entered the public eye.

The first strip:

Thanks to Copley Syndicate for starting me off, and to John Glynn, Lee Salem and John McMeel for taking Pooch on at Universal and helping me into the big leagues.  And of course thanks to all my fans over the years, without whom I’d have been committed because sitting by yourself doing 5000 comics about a dog for no one will get you tossed in a padded room.



Advance Panel

By Paul | August 30, 2013

Recently Posted…

By Paul | August 21, 2013

… on Instagram .

Search for Paul Gilligan if you’d like to follow me there.  I skipped twitter, Linkedin and Pintrest.  I only go for every fourth social media phenomenon.

Advance Panel

By Paul | August 19, 2013


El Poncho

By Paul | August 15, 2013

Poncho’s Travels may be finito, but Sandy Britt still takes her Poncho out on the town once in a while:

Says Sandy: “Here we are at our regular Mexican hangout on $1.99 Margarita Wednesday. He helped me drink four!!! Poncho is a bad influence and makes me do bad things! Lol.”

Sounds like Poncho alright.

To get your own Poncho, click here.  (Just noticed the photo on the site isn’t up at the moment, but trust me, he’s cute).


Summer Posting Hours

By Paul | August 6, 2013

Apologies for not posting more the last while.  Summer, et al.  Here’s a classic Pooch movie poster to let you know I’m still kickin’.

Summer Strip Sale!

By Paul | June 22, 2013

Want to own your very own Pooch Cafe original?  Now’s the time to act.  All dailies are on sale for the Pooch-erific price of only $70, which includes postage and personal signature signed to your specifications.  Details about the strips are here.  Below, apropos of nothing, is a strip.

If you’re interested in any strips let me know and I’ll check “the archive” (a fancy name for the large pile of strips in my faux armoire) to see if it’s in my possession.  The strips tell me they much prefer to be hanging on the walls of fans.  They also tell me not to eat peanut butter while handling them.  Don’t take this as a sign that they’re cantankerous, each and every one of them is sweet as a button.

Farewell, Mr. Gandolfini

By Paul | June 20, 2013

I was a big fan of The Sopranos (I know, get in line), so like many I was disappointed to hear about the passing of talented star James Gandolfini.  The Sopranos-inspired Italian Greyhounds appeared several times within the borders of Pooch, and independently of James’ death they are set to appear again in a couple of weeks.  (Advance panel:)

My sister-in-law was the hugest Soprano fan I’ve ever met.  She’s planning a wake, where everyone must dress like one of the characters.  I guess I’ll have to be skinny-Guinea Christopher.  I’m on the hunt for a big fake shnozzola, if you know where to get one.


Poncho Dummy? What the–?

By Paul | June 18, 2013

Check out this latest Poncho conspiracy uncovered by alert regular Sandy Britt!

It’s from a website called “Sleepypod“, where I’m not quite certain what happens.  ”Provides security and comfort for pets at home or on the go”.  Okay, I think maybe it’s a travel bag… that looks like a canine crash-test dummy.  I’m not sure, but I think maybe you don’t want your pet zippered up in a bag that looks like if you leave it unattended for a moment some car-company guy who needs to test out the effect of a crashed car on a plastic mutt and might grab it and put it to use.

There’s also another sleep-pod for felines that looks like a space helmet.  That seems about right, since we all know everybody wants to jettison cats into space.


Blurring the line between Cartoonist and Mailman…

By Paul | June 14, 2013

…we have Bob Krohmer, known around these parts as — you guessed it — “mailman”, who sent me a collection of his most recent comic offerings, my favorite of which is here:

I met Bob a few years ago when he came to hear me pontificate about myself at the Kenosha Cartooning Festival near Chicago, and he’s a wonderful chap.  Bob, I’m not sure if you want to tell people how they might order some of your comics, but feel free to plug yourself in the comments section of this post if you so desire.

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